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MVIDA PILOT Projects (2015)

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Statement Regarding MVIDA 2017 Audited Financial Report

MVIDA Audit Questionnaire

MVIDA 2017 Audited Financial Report

MVIDA 2016 Audited Financial Report

MVIDA Procurement Policy

MVIDA Compensation Policy (effective 9-25-2008)

MVIDA Committee Assignments

MVIDA Board Committee Assignments (2016-2017)

MVIDA Financial Summary (2015)

MVIDA Independent Audit (2014)

MVIDA Procurement Report (2015)

MVIDA Schedule of Authority Debt (2015)

MVIDA Certified Financial Audit (2015)

MVIDA Investment Information (2015)

2017 Report on Operations and Accomplishments

 MVIDA 2017 Performance Measurement Report


MVIDA 2016 Performance Measurement Report

MVIDA Performance Measurement Report (2015) 

MVIDA Code of Ethics

MVIDA Whistleblower Protection Policy (effective 9-25-2008)

MVIDA Uniform Tax Exempt Policy

MVIDA Resolution Extension of UTEP  To June 30, 2019(Approved 12-12-2018)

MVIDA PARIS Budget & Financial Plans (2016-2021)

MVIDA PARIS Budget & Financial Plans (2015-2019)